[Crew] Odd email...

Richard Rothwell richard at caliban.org.uk
Tue Sep 30 14:56:09 BST 2008

2008/9/30 Christopher Staite <chris at yourdreamnet.co.uk>:
> Richard Rothwell wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I got an email addressed to someone else, not that rare as I tend to
>> accept all mail addresses on my domains (I know, I shouldn't, but I'm
>> lazy).  Anyway, this is an extract of the headers - with relevant
>> domain names changed to protect the innocent...
>> ----
> Only thing I can thing of is that the headers are faked and it was sent to
> your server with a RCPT TO command to your address.  I've had it in the
> past.

That was my first thought, but I don't think so - it is a genuine
company and they have accepted that they sent the mail. But not to



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