[Crew] modulated data

Christopher Woods christof at infinitus.co.uk
Tue Oct 28 20:06:14 GMT 2008

> > Apparently it was also heard on Radio4 / World service last 
> night, my 
> > gf described it as test tones though.
> > If anyone can grab a copy I'd be interested in hearing it, 
> if its just 
> > test signals it should be fairly obvious.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> was this local or national ?

Through the BBC Backstage list, I've spoken to a guy who works for Siemens
before who (for some reason which I'm sure is due to Siemens being involved
with the BBC's IT) has access to archives of DVB streams; he may well have
archives of radio feeds too so I'll ask the question and see if he can come
up with anything (or knows anything else).

Now into 01:24 on the iPlayer copy of the R1 Rock Show and there's no break
in the audio, so I have a feeling the iPlayer backend encodes directly from
the BBC's internal feed, that or it's fed its dedicated own copy of each
station's audio.

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