[Crew] Ironkey

Christopher Woods christof at infinitus.co.uk
Mon Nov 3 16:22:08 GMT 2008

> It already does exactly that - FAQ 25
> https://learn.ironkey.com/faqs/25#disp
> Does it really self-destruct?
> IronKey's patent-pending "flash-trash" methodology 
> incorporates an exhaustive hardware erase of all flash and 
> Cryptochip memory. This is not a simple clearing of file 
> allocation tables, but a secure overwriting of data. This is 
> done in hardware rather than via a software application for 
> the ultimate protection. You, personally, should not be 
> physically harmed when this happens.

I hope someone has already printed off the marketing PDF and sent a copy to
Atos Origin's HQ?

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