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Mon Nov 24 14:12:32 GMT 2008

Hey all,

The slashdot article I'm wasting my working day reading is here

As its appears (or at least news has reached my addled brain) that the
Sealand hosting service has been shutdown I think its time for a little
brum2600 discussion, most of these points have been discussed already
elsewhere, but I'd be interested if anyone out there has a new take on them.

The questions are as follows:

1. Is remote hosting outside of UK/US/EU jurisdiction worthwhile from a free
speech point of view. i.e. for hosting or proxying with an eye to free
speech NOT out and out illegallity.
2. What country/principality would you consider using. I'm thinking Russia
as its sufficiently advanced in terms on technology without being too chummy
with other countries.
3. What ethics would you apply to use of such a service. Wikileaks and
PirateBay are obvious discussion points, any more come to mind?

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