[Crew] TV licence mobile phones

Peter Baker baker.p at gmail.com
Thu May 15 16:45:46 BST 2008

woah, they claim you require a licence if you own a dvd player or a pc too?
that's utter bullcrap.

2008/5/15 DrF <dizzy at busydizzys.com>:

>   A flat got a letter today, which I opened and expecting the usual blah,
> blah but it had you must now have a TV licence for a mobile phone. I thought
> they never succeded in that?
>  I also remember a talk about the fact that video was streamed
> to mobile phones hence no need for the licence (copyright what not aside)
> even in the wording of the letter "as it is being broadcast" this would
> assume the mobile phone has got some kind of tuner capability, I have not
> seen one yet.
> http://www.busydizzys.com/temp/mobfone.jpg
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