[Crew] Film

Stephen Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Thu Jul 17 10:40:19 BST 2008

Short Circuit 3
Number 5 is alive and this time he's pissed watch him put his military
training to good use raining a shit storm on Wall-E's ass. (cert.

Adventures of a Baby Sitter - Redux
Robin Askwith hits on jailbait in a series of madcap adventures while
mom and dad are out.

Back to the future 4
Marty travels to 2008 and get's jiggy,

Teen Wolf Twee
A mix up happens everytime Wolfie attempts to say Three with hilarious

Private Benjemin: on the streets
Cute Benj isn't so cute as the washed up crack whore who has lived on
the streets for 30 years since entering civvy street.

Chariots of Fire 2
Follow the students in the hallowed corridors of Oxbridge colleges as
they attempt to mask Nandrolone and EPO usage.

Three men and a paternity suit.
One of the potential dads has screwed his buddies daughter and left
her holding the baby in this cross generational comedy.

Dirty Line Dancing
Ho down time!

Danny DiVito, Governor Steroid Abuse,  Verne Troyer and Mos Def
feature in this hilarious comedy romp.  Even their mother can't tell
them apart.

Barmen brag about how much they get while barmaids make little cock
shapes and rub their chins behind their backs.

Honey: I buggered the kids
Rick Moranis confirms all our fears.

Driving Miss Daisychain
A middle aged black man at one end an eldery white woman at the other
and every racial stereotype inbetween.

I could go on forever with this :)

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