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Thu Jul 17 09:33:19 BST 2008

Stephen Parkes wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 6:39 AM, Re-LoaD <reload at brum2600.net> wrote:
>> I will have to watch the end today as I fell asleep about half way
>> through (don't know if thats a review or not!!)...
>> Why cant classics be left as classics..
> Hieratic!, Doesn't Lost Boys 2 go straight to DVD next week as well?
> all we need is Weird Science - the next generation (starring Kelly
> Brook?) and Top Gun - The Stealth Years to make my weeks viewing
> complete.
> Although my script for The Brunch Club has been rejected again, damn
> those studio bigwigs.
Hey Sparkes we could be on to something, lets start a list :-

Weird Science - the next generation (starring Kelly Brook?)

Lost Boys 2 go straight to DVD

Top Gun - The Stealth Years

The Brunch Club (the under the table scene not so popular this time round)

Ferris Bueller's Day Out of the Office

The Goonies 2 - Mikey finds an unpaid tax bill. He and his friends (the 
Goonies) must go on an adventure to find the payment office, in order to 
stop their nursing home from being demolished!

E.T. 2 - The Return; 35 years ago a 10 year old boy (Elliott) helped an 
alien (E.T) to get back home where despite rumours of demotion and exile 
to his childhood "farm" and unknown to Elliot ET continues his evil 
reign of terror. The authoritarian ruler assumed sole power of the green 
planet and ignores the will of his people, tramples their right to be 
free, tortures and kills, confiscates there possessions and property 
even if they have done nothing wrong. In a desperate effort to stop the 
evil tyrant a crack commando unit who recently escaped from a maximum 
security stockade to the interplanetary underground leads a fleet of 50 
huge, saucer-shaped motherships to RETURN to Earth, locate Elliott and 
hope the telepathic connection he shares with ET will be enough to aid 
the Resistance in there fight for freedom. Could Elliott control the 
destiny of either race and decide the outcome of the conflict..........


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