[Crew] Just an idea.....

Mark Gilbert mark.gilbert at psiphy.com
Fri Aug 29 12:25:05 BST 2008

I know I haven¹t been to a meet yet, but I will get round to it (and try to
make it regular)

Just a thought experiment...... But it may become something we want to do if
any of you think it¹s feasible. (HAVEDEEPBLACK)

Creation of a private network over an FM (legal and licensed) packet/mesh
network over Birmingham (we would need reasonably high wattage or recruit
members in key areas. Or rent  FM repeaters)

The transceivers would be of our own design (home brew specials) , with
microprocessor support for strong encryption, and a protocol suite of our
own design based on TCP/IP. (but no time out on packets unless manually
removed (probably in chunks) from our full network protocol analyser.

We may want to look at the ID Quantique technology for encryption (prices
are coming down)

Simple secure browser (text, images and basic markup language), Xgrid type
tools for distributed processing of experimental apps (I¹ve got some ideas
I¹d like to try with web scrapping and bayesian networks.), Web data feed
(unsecure) into our system via standard HTTP ,forum and chat, maybe video if
we can get enough bandwidth and decent compression.

I haven¹t programmed in 12 years, so I¹m a bit rusty.

I have done a bit of electronics, simple radio and digital, but my skills
wouldn¹t be up to this task without a quite a bit more time spent learning.

In about 2 months I¹ll have some spare cash each month (about £600) on a
regular basis.

As I said, not a serious project, just an idea.

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