[Crew] TV licensing the battle continues, now with new tactics

DrF dizzy at busydizzys.com
Fri Aug 15 11:43:06 BST 2008

 As some of you may know about my constant and long (6yrs so far)  battles with the TV Licensing people, today I got another letter (following on from the mobile phone letter), but this time they actually went and got a name off the electoral roll, so no longer is it just "The legal occupier" its "Mr X / The legal occupier" the letter is however the same old bollocks, they have changed the first few lines too from "it is a offence to watch programs as they are being broadcast" to just plain out right using a TV....

 Don't know the legal standing on this yet, I'm not backing down, im a communist and henceforth don't belive in having capitilist propaganda pumped into my home (I get it from YouTube now) I do wish I don't have to kick a enforcement officers ass back down the stairs either again :p I wish I filmed that... he tried to force his way in after I told him I was Fernando Mandabar the Sri Lankan ambassdor of cultural arts...

Also where do i send the meeting reports? :p
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