[Crew] troublesome teenagers!!

sneaky russian sneakyrussian2600 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 21:24:07 GMT 2007

Hiya all.

I know its been a while and should be at the meet this weekend. Ive been 
very busy with life and uni.

The problem i have is that i need to keep tabs on a 16yr old.
Just wondering if anyone knows how to either track a mobile phone (dont 
want to pay) or does anyone know of a mobile that has gps where the 
firmware can be updated to log in the background.
The accuracy isnt that important but it will be used in a mostly built 
up area so GPS reception may be bad.
The other idea i had was if i make a WIFI map of a particular city 
centre with my laptop is it possible to have a wifi enabled mobile to 
log the signal strengths and process the log into a track later.

F*****g teenagers (but i was one once. thats why we need to know what 
this one is up to.)


ps i was the sort of child that read the Hayes AT manual and wrote the 
software to dial all 10000 pin numbers to get access the phone 
line.(only at night). god i miss ASCII ART on a BBS

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