[Crew] Meeting report

Re-LoaD reload at brum2600.net
Mon Apr 23 16:42:58 BST 2007

DrF wrote:
> LSL has it now, you can wait for him to upload it.
Nope I can't please also mail any reports to me with this exact text in 
the subject line :-
[B26K Report : Mmm-YYYY]
[B26K Report : Apr-2007]

L-s-L is always around but if he has paying work to do that must come 
first, if needed I can upload reports to the site.
Oh and while on the subject of reports we can have more than one report 
for a meet so give Dr F some support, you can also send in meeting 
comments or additions for a meet report to me again using;
subject line :-
[B26K Report : Mmm-YYYY | Comment]

I think I'll take this opportunity to give L-s-L and Dr F a well earned 
pat on the back, thank you for giving your time to Brum2600.


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