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Minus Q minusq.uk at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 20:52:18 BST 2006

On 06/09/06, Daac <daac2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Minus Q: I regularly organise events the size of
> BrumCon, although admitedly not tech-related.

Out of interest, what in?

> While a
> 3-day con with 500+ people might seem like a big
> project, a couple of examples make it seem manageble:

I'm wondering if you'll get that attendance, but I'm hoping I'm being
pessimistic. If you've got the time and resource to put into
organising a three day conference then go for it :)

Does anyone know how many people made it to LugRadio Live this year?

> NotCon, for example, managed to attract 300 people,
> despite the fact that some of the organisers thought
> it was a joke, up until a few days before it took
> place. NotCons's successor, OpenTech, was attended by
> 500. There were 2000+ of us last year at What The
> Hack, a 4-day camp in The Netherlands.

I was there, I thought it went rather well.  Though I do think it
gains a lot by being on the european mainland.

> HOPE in NYC usually gets 2000-24000.
> DefCon gets around 10,000 I
> think, but it's a bad example because it's shit.

Heh, as its the largest and well-known security conference on the
planet, afaict, I don't think it's that bad ;)

> AFAIK, BrumCon is promoted pretty much by
> word-of-mouth only. As such, it does vey well.

Not quite of word of mouth, but yeah, not much more than that.

> If an
> event was to be directly promoted, I'm sure it would
> be possible to get several hundred people. Linux User
> Groups, Ham Radio groups, security companies etc., may
> all be useful sources of attendees.

If you've got ideas and/or experience then I'm sure ReLoad wouldn't
have a problem with you promoting the conference, or doing the
publicity next year.

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...go through the secretary."

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