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I have been known to organise conferences from time to time, one of the most 
enjoyable conferences I organised was the G8 summit in 1998, and as you can 
imagine there were quite a few attendees.

However organising a Hacker conference is in a different league, remember, 
we are not a state of America (yet) and conferences here tend to take on a 
different format.

Maybe have a word with Re-Load with regards to expanding brumcon next year 
rather than starting a new conference from scratch.


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> Minus Q: I regularly organise events the size of
> BrumCon, although admitedly not tech-related. While a
> 3-day con with 500+ people might seem like a big
> project, a couple of examples make it seem manageble:
> NotCon, for example, managed to attract 300 people,
> despite the fact that some of the organisers thought
> it was a joke, up until a few days before it took
> place. NotCons's successor, OpenTech, was attended by
> 500. There were 2000+ of us last year at What The
> Hack, a 4-day camp in The Netherlands. HOPE in NYC
> usually gets 2000-24000. DefCon gets around 10,000 I
> think, but it's a bad example because it's shit.
> AFAIK, BrumCon is promoted pretty much by
> word-of-mouth only. As such, it does vey well. If an
> event was to be directly promoted, I'm sure it would
> be possible to get several hundred people. Linux User
> Groups, Ham Radio groups, security companies etc., may
> all be useful sources of attendees.
> -Karamoon
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