[Crew] UK Summer Con

Daac daac2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 6 14:37:09 BST 2006

Minus Q: I regularly organise events the size of
BrumCon, although admitedly not tech-related. While a
3-day con with 500+ people might seem like a big
project, a couple of examples make it seem manageble:

NotCon, for example, managed to attract 300 people,
despite the fact that some of the organisers thought
it was a joke, up until a few days before it took
place. NotCons's successor, OpenTech, was attended by
500. There were 2000+ of us last year at What The
Hack, a 4-day camp in The Netherlands. HOPE in NYC
usually gets 2000-24000. DefCon gets around 10,000 I
think, but it's a bad example because it's shit.

AFAIK, BrumCon is promoted pretty much by
word-of-mouth only. As such, it does vey well. If an
event was to be directly promoted, I'm sure it would
be possible to get several hundred people. Linux User
Groups, Ham Radio groups, security companies etc., may
all be useful sources of attendees.


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