[Crew] WIFI Wallpaper

Daac daac2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 6 10:20:44 BST 2006

FSS wallpaper is a gimic, not a realistic security
option. Obviously it blocks IEEE 802.15.1 as well as
the 802.11 family, which is good because IEEE 802.15.1
is probably a more significant threat(at least in the

Any organisation which feels wifi is a security issue
and yet doesn't feel willing to ban it and pay for
regular pen-testing is fucked anyway. Wallpaper isn't
going to help them. The key way to secure the 802.11
family is not to use it. I think this will remain the
case for a long time. 

As a means of reducing interference, FSS wallpaper
might be quite useful. It's claimed that the wallpaper
will be very cheap as it's just copper on DuPont's
Kapton polymer.

The book "How to Build a Bugproof Room" by Angus Glas
(ISBN: 0873645812) may be of interest to you. Although
it was published in 1990, it's stil a decent practial
intro to emissions security. "Security Engineering: A
Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems" by
Ross Anderson (ISBN: 0471389226) also covers emissions
security as well as many other topics of interest.


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