[Crew] New Brum2600 list member

Daac daac2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 4 12:26:17 BST 2006


I have met some of you at BrumCon and other events
etc., for those of you who don't know me, here is a
brief introduction.

I'm based in Norwich where I am heavily involved in
Norwich 2600. I try to attend as many cons as possible
eg. BrumCon, CCC, HOPE, DefCon, HacTic(WTH) etc. I
would like to breathe some new life into the UK
hack/phreak scene. To this end, I will be organising a
3-day con in the UK next summer.

My interests include: SE, packet twisting, all aspects
of physical security, emissions sec, network
protocols, 68000-based hardware, electro-mechanical
encryption... Above all, I'm interested in hacker
history, politics and culture.

I presented at this year's HOPE in NYC. The audio of
my talk "The Life And Times Of Alan Turing" is
available at www.hope.net.


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