[Crew] Brumcon 06 ---- Update

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Tue Sep 19 14:39:40 BST 2006

Doors open 11.30am Talks start at 12.00

Talks so far in no particular order:-

What's On The Cards: Security Issues Surrounding Card-based Authentication.

Mobile Java programming: For fun, profit and voyeurism.

IPv "what?": yeah what !!!.

"All Your Email Belong To Us": The meat and guts.

Your Games 0wn U: Please Update Me.

UPnP NAT Manipulation: Yeah that's (U)n(P)rotected (N)etwork (P)hun.

All day event.
Hack the Flag !!! ---- Yes Ok we keep getting asked!! Last flag flying 
gets a gift (something we blagged).

Last Talk of the day.
H4x0r (sorry Ex H4x0r) Panel: Open discussion with your speakers.
Hack the flag winner.

We have already got the T-shirts printed. We sacked the printer we had 
last year and have had Brumcon5 shirts re-printed. Costs £10 per shirt.

I have just put a battery in my 15 year old pager so feel free to Pocsag 
me a message I'll read out the best ones !!!!!

Pager Numbers :-

Direct - 07623 487 142
Bod - 08700 555 500 quote pager number 487142
SayNo 2 0870 - 0208 914 5000 quote pager number 487142


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