[Crew] A Job Well Done

Christopher Staite chris at yourdreamnet.co.uk
Tue Oct 10 13:54:12 BST 2006

I hope I was missed too... aie :)

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Stephen Parkes wrote:
> Barbie wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> All true. Well I co-designed and developed The Register v2 back in
>> 1999/2000. Since then it's had a few ups and downs, but I still know the
>> guys who work on it and apparently much of my code is still in there :)
> Ah bollocks, it was bad enough missing BrumCon for the first time in 
> years but knowing I missed Barbie as well.  Pants.
> I know to which perl minger to blame next the the reg goes tits up :P
>> Have fun!
>> Barbie
> laters guys
> sparkes

Hey sparkes,
	you where missed :) hope all is well..


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