[Crew] George Orwell was Right

BinarySheep binary.sheep at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 21:28:15 GMT 2006

Not an actual verbal conversation but in Tamworth one night (the day 
after my birthday non the less) in the very early hours, whilst watching 
three fire trucks
and some other stuff all pull up out side the Hailfax branch in the town 
centre, I will leave it up to your imagination why they was all there 
and no there was no fire.

I asked a security camera if it could hear me and it proceeded to what I 
though to be a nod after integrating it further it did seem to supply me 
with the correct answers to my questions.

Although I was assured by the fire staff that the operator could not 
hear me, he was kind enough to share with me the location of the control 


Minus Q wrote:
> Just in case this hasn't popped up on your radar yet:
> http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601102&sid=avL4PSqZrcj4&refer=uk
> = = = = =
> Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) -- It's Saturday night in Middlesbrough, England,
> and drunken university students are celebrating the start of the
> school year, known as Freshers' Week.
> One picks up a traffic cone and runs down the street. Suddenly, a
> disembodied voice booms out from above:
> ``You in the black jacket! Yes, you! Put it back!'' The confused
> student obeys as his friends look bewildered.
> = = = = =
> So... anyone had any fun with this?  Engaged the CCTV operators in conversation?

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