[Crew] Robots could demand legal rights

BinarySheep binary.sheep at gmail.com
Sat Dec 23 21:20:09 GMT 2006

Anyone else fancy a Coke, that would go great with my pizza, if i had one ;(


Minus Q wrote:
> On 23/12/06, BinarySheep <binary.sheep at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Minus Q: At first I thought becoming a futurist after I heard a chap on
>> the news awhile ago talking about what appeared to be the dialog in an
>> episode of "Stargate G-1" not Atlantis as that's not as good :D
> I think it is a job made for people with an interest in Science Fiction.
>> It seemed like a very easy job as you would have already been paid and
>> probably dead by the time they could prove you wrong LOL!
> Yeah, there are some very iffy concepts around futurism, i.e. that if
> you predict things far enough in the future people will have forgotten
> them by the time they come around, so no-one will ever examine your
> predictions ( I always figured it would be more interesting to read
> last year's "Old Moore's Almanac" rather than next year's ).  Not only
> that, if you've got enough influence, companies will follow your
> predictions.. and therefore they'll come true purely because you made
> them, rather than because of your insight.
> About 15 years ago I did look into it as a job, and did communication
> with a french company that had appeared in a Sunday paper.  The
> details about an internship looked really interesting... until I
> realise that there was no salary... and your payment for working for
> them was... well... was to work for them.
> Unsurprisingly I didn't take the job.
>> But unfortunately the only position I have seen seem to be a lot harder
>> and you have to be able to prove the shit you make up by trends that
>> have happened in the past, if you do find an easy position let me know.
>> I am sure I could help push up the price of your newly formed Tech R&D firm.
> I think the only futurism taking place at Coca Cola is either "which
> country can we cause an artificial drought in next?" and "what kind of
> industrial espionage or sabotage will work against Pepsi?".  You need
> a job in "proper" futurism... which is far more about "blue sky
> thinking about open-ended possibilities" or "vague", depending on your
> point of view.

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