[Crew] Robots could demand legal rights

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Sat Dec 23 21:04:32 GMT 2006

On 23/12/06, BinarySheep <binary.sheep at gmail.com> wrote:
> Minus Q: At first I thought becoming a futurist after I heard a chap on
> the news awhile ago talking about what appeared to be the dialog in an
> episode of "Stargate G-1" not Atlantis as that's not as good :D

I think it is a job made for people with an interest in Science Fiction.

> It seemed like a very easy job as you would have already been paid and
> probably dead by the time they could prove you wrong LOL!

Yeah, there are some very iffy concepts around futurism, i.e. that if
you predict things far enough in the future people will have forgotten
them by the time they come around, so no-one will ever examine your
predictions ( I always figured it would be more interesting to read
last year's "Old Moore's Almanac" rather than next year's ).  Not only
that, if you've got enough influence, companies will follow your
predictions.. and therefore they'll come true purely because you made
them, rather than because of your insight.

About 15 years ago I did look into it as a job, and did communication
with a french company that had appeared in a Sunday paper.  The
details about an internship looked really interesting... until I
realise that there was no salary... and your payment for working for
them was... well... was to work for them.

Unsurprisingly I didn't take the job.

> But unfortunately the only position I have seen seem to be a lot harder
> and you have to be able to prove the shit you make up by trends that
> have happened in the past, if you do find an easy position let me know.
> I am sure I could help push up the price of your newly formed Tech R&D firm.

I think the only futurism taking place at Coca Cola is either "which
country can we cause an artificial drought in next?" and "what kind of
industrial espionage or sabotage will work against Pepsi?".  You need
a job in "proper" futurism... which is far more about "blue sky
thinking about open-ended possibilities" or "vague", depending on your
point of view.

"If you can't go through the firewall...
...go through the secretary."

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