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Sat Dec 23 20:30:03 GMT 2006

Minus Q: At first I thought becoming a futurist after I heard a chap on 
the news awhile ago talking about what appeared to be the dialog in an 
episode of
"Stargate G-1" not Atlantis as that’s not as good :D

It seemed like a very easy job as you would have already been paid and 
probably dead by the time they could prove you wrong LOL!

But unfortunately the only position I have seen seem to be a lot harder 
and you have to be able to prove the shit you make up by trends that 
have happened in the past, if you do find an easy position let me know. 
I am sure I could help push up the price of your newly formed Tech R&D firm.

Coca-Cola is to big and should be stop before they decide to take over 
the world.

Also See: http://www.profuturists.org/

POSITION: Futurist Innovation Officer

COMPANY: Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, The Coca-Cola Company
(http://www.cocacola.com) has a global business system that
distributes its product in more than 200 countries around the world.
The Coca-Cola trademark consistently ranks as the world's most
powerful brand. In 1999, the company generated revenues of almost $20
billion and employed nearly 30,000 people worldwide.

REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: The Futurist Innovation officer will report to
the office of the Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company in New
York City, New York.

BASIC FUNCTION: The Futurist will be responsible for forecasting
trends, identifying opportunities and developing strategies that
enable The Coca-Cola Company to optimize operating performance within
the New Economy.

FUTURIST EXPERIENCE: The Futurist Innovation Officer will:

Explore emerging retail channels and consumer demand within the New
Economy and leverage the company's brands, knowledge and systems to
effectively meet the needs of the consumer.

Develop models and forecasts that define the effect of changes in
consumer trends, cultural shifts, technology development, economic,
and political movement and analyze their impact on the Consumer
Products Industry.

Examine societal trends and implement new programs that would
continuously position the organization at the forefront of the New

Foster the creation of an incubator mentality across all facets of the
organization and facilitate the commercialization of high value
business propositions.

Based on future trends, identify alliances, partnerships and new
technologies that allow The Coca-Cola Company to build more meaningful
relationships with the consumer.

Work closely with the executive leadership team to convey and predict
statistical, cultural, and societal shifts and their impact on the

Provide a vision for the future that is shaped by the fusion of
social, economic, political and technological change.

SPECIFIC DUTIES: Candidates for the Futurist Innovation officer
position will be responsible for:

Forecasting future trends across an international spectrum of
industries and generations, and positioning the Company to be at the
forefront of the consumer products industry in today’s New Economy.

Exploring and creating innovative ideas, directions and strategies
that will thrust the Company to be on the cutting-edge of the consumer
products industry in the new millennium.

Positioning the Company to leverage emerging and future technologies,
such as digital and wireless technology, to be utilized within all
facets and operations of the Company.

Anticipating consumer behaviors and consumer demand, and creating
progressive strategies to position the brand by capitalizing upon the
global economic, social and environmental trends.

Providing the vision and leadership to explore and facilitate a
corporate-wide atmosphere of creativity and innovation.

Interfacing directly with executive-level decision-makers to formulate
strategy, trends and solutions.

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