[Crew] The Great Deception that is Chicken Meatballs

Stephen Parkes sparkes at westmids.biz
Sat Dec 23 13:10:51 GMT 2006

On 12/19/06, Dizzy <dizzy at busydizzys.com> wrote:
> Even the freaking tin is of better quaility. From this mornings research I
> have concluded that brand name is not always better, I will be writing to
> Campballs to complain and demand my 69p back or at least a voucher for some
> soup or something usfull. Don't even get me started on them crouton things
> they put in Cuppa Soups....

I sent a very arsey email to perfect pizza about the fact their system lost
my order on halloween forcing me to argue with their franchisee over the
phone and then venture out into the big wide world to get food for the
family an hour and half after I ordered something.  I thought I had blown it
by using too many swear words, pointing out the head office is only 10 mins
away from here and asking why the fuck their systems sends two emails one to
tell you what your order was and a second to 'confirm' reciept and
acceptance of your order at the shop if a failure in the shops system didn't
stop the second message being sent, it could have been the threat to stick
their fucked up IT systems where the sun don't shine that was deemed too
much, but no, almost 2 months on I get a very grovelling email from the
customer relations lady CCing the big boss and the head of IT offering
sincerest appologies for the late reply and confirming a full investigation
into the failiures of the current IT system, thanking me for bringing to
their attention the failings of the current system and offering me vouchers
for free grub which I accepted and we ate big fuckoff meaty pizza with big
fuckoff garlic and cheese pizza, dips and colesaw.  The moral of the story
you can't be too pissed off when writing these letters, if I had got the
phrase 'fucking arse biscuits for brains' in there I am convinced I would
have been hired to fix the system :)

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