[Crew] The Great Deception that is Chicken Meatballs

Dizzy dizzy at busydizzys.com
Tue Dec 19 12:59:47 GMT 2006

 I feel compelled to write this, all I could find to eat was half a Weatabix (WhiteBisk voted best own brand) and I saved some Campballs meatballs for a special occasion, I baught them because they was reduced 69p for 2 tins of Chicken meatballs and my god do they taste like crap, the meatballs are very dull in colour and it is not consistent thoughout the balls and it seems to be processed from different meats I best check into that, they suffer from poor texture (very maluable) and seem to stew in some kind of congealed brown gunk which I presume is a attempt at gravy and its all blobby and nasty like some kind of exploded jelly, in fact its like that crap you get in pork pies but brown and warm, it even sticks to your fingers like ectoplasm or snot.

The Aldi Econo balls in tomato source are far supirior and only cost 29p per tin, they actually taste good and have a nice texture to them, flavour is consistant throughout whereas the Campballs balls seem to be random in taste, there nicely coloured too, the source is thin and quite tomatoey (minus the bits floating in it) and cannot be used like the Campballs source to block up things!

Even the freaking tin is of better quaility. From this mornings research I have concluded that brand name is not always better, I will be writing to Campballs to complain and demand my 69p back or at least a voucher for some soup or something usfull. Don't even get me started on them crouton things they put in Cuppa Soups....

I felt I should warn my friends about this before they too fall victim to Campballs Meatballs false advertising claims of the best meatball around when clearly it is not.

You can write to them at :

P.O. BOX, 1086,
PE30 4FB

I will be reaserching this further, as it is my job as a head of state to make sure my people have the best the balls in the world.
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