[Crew] Metal Detectors at Merry Hell

Richard Rothwell richard at caliban.org.uk
Fri Dec 15 17:05:28 GMT 2006

Hi All,

I was suffering Christmas shopping in Merry Hill today, and I found myself passing throguh 
police manned metal detectors.  A copper politely handed me a leaflet which - I found out when I 
read it later - said passing through them was voluntary.  It was only this exit one exit that 
had the detectors set up, and there was no clear 'bypass' route, though I guess I could have 
turned around.

Anyway, I decided to wander through, expecting a long conversation about my Leatherman.  Not a 
bleep or buzz.  It didn't notice this rather large chunk on metal on my belt!  Now, I normally 
have to remove my belt, keys and coins to go through airport detectors - so how low was the 
sensitivity set?  If they were on at all....


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