[Crew] Brumcon 06 ---- The Floor iz yours....

Re-LoaD reload at brum2600.net
Thu Aug 31 10:33:32 BST 2006

	every year at Brumcon we like to give you the chance to get up and 
speak in public. Well if the thought of speaking in public scares you, 
You're not alone !!! Giving a presentation is worrying for many people. 
Presenting or speaking to an audience regularly tops the list in surveys 
of people's top fears..(- I often have spare pants with me :)-)
	Remember you do not have to be a subject matter expert, we do have have 
some very highly skilled speakers who are subject matter experts but as 
I'm sure they will agree there is always one question that makes them 
think :)
	Ok so back to you. Pick a topic that interests you find out about your 
topic and keep a list of your own questions that you asked yourself 
about the topic. Others may want to follow on from your research and 
thats the whole point of Brumcon. If you can make one person in the 
audience ask a question or go away with things to google for then you 
have succeeded.. job well done!!...
	We have had a few of the Brum2600 crew speak for the first time a 
Brumcon and now give talks and presentations to very senior members of 
there company's leader team. So you could take away your new found 
confidence and use the skillz in your working life (AR).
	If you would like to have a go then mail me/us @ brumcon6 at brum2600.net 
I can help out with topics, techniks (not spelling) and generally put 
you in the driving seat. You can come early on the day and have a 
practise, test a few things out and help set up.

Go on have a go !!!


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