[Crew] New Mobo, CPU and RAM for sale (thought they were faulty, but it was the drivers)

Christopher Staite chris at yourdreamnet.co.uk
Sun Aug 27 12:29:10 BST 2006

I purchased a New AM2 Socket Motherboard with 1x (PCI Express x16) and 2x (PCI Express x1) and 3x (PCI) with 4x DDR2 RAM sockets and 4x S-ATA RAID and 1x IDE and 1x Floppy.  Also a AMD Athlon 64 3500+ and 1gb of Kensigton RAM (533MHz).  

The machine I built would freeze randomly, and as such i tested each part by swapping it out in turn, I eventually found out there was no fault with any of the hardware, but instead it was the SATA RAID drivers.  I am now stuck with these parts and rather than trying to send them back to ebuyer as opened I wondered if anyone wanted to purchase them at cost price from me.  They all still are under warranty (recieved last Thursday) and all are functioning perfectly fine (i have tested them) but you will need to download updated SATA drivers from nVidia website (or i can just give you the floopy with them on).

If you are interested here are the eBuyer quicklinks and price: 

64183 - £52.29
110732 - £48.65
111286 - £60.72

Total: £161.66

If you want to buy them e-mail me back and i'll bring them to the next meet.  Otherwise I will have to send back to eBuyer within the next 14 days.  Thanks, aie :)

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