Sep09 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Report 5th September 2009

In attendance:-

Sneaky Russain

Topics of discussion :

Data Protection Act
EU (European Union)
TeH 'old dayz!1!11 (Phone boxs, dailers, tones, screwdrivers)
The weather eh?
Communism, capitilism, fascism, orgisms etc.
Exploit engines (Teh Auto-pWn button FtW!1!!1)
M.U.D's (for anyone not born in the dark ages thats "Multi User Dungeon" old people used to play them on BBS go wiki or something!)
Dark Isles (read above)
When is a door 64 bit?
09/09/09 conspiracy theroies and all that
Dumps (Memory, Rom other)
GSM and that old yankee one
Warcraft (This shit gets into everything in some way FFS!)

The text that goes in the middle :

We had a long lost one return to us after about 3yrs and he was first at the station IoNull you notice that no matter how long passes these people still look dodgy. Anyhow upon entering the city center a large police presence was noted we counted no less than 8/9 large riot vans and assorted filth mobiles we now know there presance was due to the various waring factions that seem to be running about the place, it was noticed that when standing out side the pub from a passing riot van a officer waved at DrF (who really hopes he did not and I got it wrong and someone other than the wall was behind me) I had to wave back else that just look odd.
Anyhow we soon moved onto Edmunds and yet again OUR room had been st0led! (yes stoled, more serious than stole) by what we now know a drama/roleplaying group thanks to ReLoad gate crashing there R.L. GangBang, I can count at least 3 times they have been in that room, Brum is full of weirdos (excluding us were special).
The bar was dead by 10pm and I mean dead 1 person with socks on kept wondering about and that was it.
Alot of discussion on the old days and why everthings gone to pot these days and why no real (not r3al) hacking goes on.
We then went to Harbone/Ladywood (not far from where the bog roll was acquired check old report) for a curry at KinkyJohns favorite curry house the one with the guy with the awesome mustache.

Quotes :

"He has no nuts :("
"You have that action down to a tee" (read air wank emulation)
"I'm just fast"
"Oh we know what kind of meet this is going to be"
"When does a threesome become a orgy???"
"Kinkys favorite"
"a couple of tracks, a high class hooker, Google and PayPal there ya go lads night out"
"A physco woman? there ALL physco!"
"No one gives a shit when you can walk in to Tesco and buy a phone for a 5..."
"Oh stop getting all nostelgic on my ass"
"Prostitutes you don't know where they been but there nice"
"Theres all kind of pussy up there!"
"I'm thinking of sticking my thingy in there and seeing if i get a IP"
"For the record this is one communist rant I did not start"
"Depends what you sit on"
"I only like salty nuts"
"Check out ma funky dance!"
"Tha looks like a carpet burn?"
"I stopped playing games when I discovered Telnet"
"Only 1 chocolate per customer!!!"

This report released under some license where you got to pay me 1 for free news... oh wait I don't work for Sky...