Sep03 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Sep 2003

Meeting report for Birmingham 2600 ( on Saturday September 06 2003

In attendance {
typhoon <- guest star appearance

Summary {
A small meet on a dark and hazy Birmingham night.
Went to the hogshead and ended up in the curry house.
Nice to see an unexpected friend from the south!
A nice little meet with curry. mmmmm..... curry.....

Conversations {
Server hosting and free stuff {
reload was having a bit of a go at bambam

Company equipment {
and possible appropriation thereof

inherent DNS flaws {
some explaination of how dns works,
along with design and implementation flaws.

package managment {
good, bad, or ugly? Depends on the OS, clearly.

zipser's uni years {
mmmm..... pi.......

CLI and ALI {
the difference, and ways to fake each

Being bounced around company's voice mail systems {
and using that to sail through any kind of
"social security" in place. a perfectly
legal story.

insecure ISP setup {

worms and adaptations {
the folks thoughts and ideas after john wignal's
talk on worms. (Incidentally, I found out at dns
that he doesn't like to be called speccy john -
so stop calling him it if you don't intend to offend him.

Quotes {
"I searched for \"gimp mask\" on google."
- bambam;
"But i'm not wearing any black!"
- pink, dressed *entirely* in black.;
"You know, leather trousers with no arse in them, that sort of thing."
- no i don't know, savvy, perhaps you could explain? ;-P;
"I've been having trouble sleeping, perhaps if I record this..."
- dan on zipser's explaination of his uni years.;
blockquote {
"Asking what is a hacker, that's like asking who is god."
- Re;
"I am."
- Savvy, in a moment of divine inspiration.
[after something really dirty about himself]
"Every-body knows, it's pointless writing it as a quote"
- Reload;

:) Bambam.