Oct08 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Report 4th October 2008

In attendance:-

Just Richard

Topics of discussion :

GSM (Java on phones)
Magnetic cards + Bar code systems
Ye Oldie Technology (copy protections etc.)
UK Government
TV license
Smart cards, Chip & Pin
1984 (CCTV)
Keys & locks
Metals / Recycling
TOR / VPNs / relays & bouncers
Underground economys (replacing money as we know it etc.)
Social construction
Ubunutu / Sun Solaris
The hatred of the fragile laptop
UK Ghettos

Night started with me alone, in the cold, it was very cold, but I had reduced doughnuts. Just Richard turned up we hung about a while but alas no one came.
Strangly the city was not as busy as usual. The Old Joint Stock actually had a fair number of seats availible. I baught a round, thought I would put that in.
The 1 time in months I actually baught a pen and paper and not just any old paper but Xerox paper at that and I had nothing to write :p
I don't actually remember much, I think the doughnuts were spiked, my head hurts...

Attendance has been on and off for some time now, especially over the last few months, hoping next month will be much better :)

Quotes :
"Capitilists are the real criminals"
"You're never too far away from a camara"

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Dr F