Oct01 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Oct 2001 BrumCon I

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G'day skip,
Here's my report for the brum meet.

Got up there in the early evening, met up with the guys at Snow Hill with no
idea of what was happening. I'd just been told by Re-Load to turn up this month.
When I got there I found that it was some minature con. I was at DNS this year
and was surprised to see a few familiar faces.
Apparently there was trouble getting the projector, they'd been relying upon
someone who appeared to lunch out on the event. I'm sure they had their reasons
but they missed quite a night!

Re-Load talked about some of the nortel kit that he's come across, which was
pretty cool but not really my style. Then Alex came on and talked about writing
backdoors. Gandalf had some cool stereogram playing cards and talked about using
stereograms in steganography. The best talk was definately Beltram's, I've never
at any con seen someone roll a fattie, smoke it, neck half a bottle of smirnoff
blue and then talk about fucking shit up whilst pissed and stoned on a saturday
night. That was mental! A big list of sites with 'dodgy cgi' (probably insecure
opens) was handed round, then an internet connection appeared and a someone did
a practical about it.

I was going to go off for a curry, but got a call from a mate who was in brum at
the time. So I left at that point. It was pretty cool tho, and I'm definately
glad I went. Can I come to the next one?

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I was meant to meet Beltram and Gandalf about 3-ish. After heading into London,
I met Beltram, but Gandalf was running late. We decided to wait in the pub.
Thank god there's plenty of trains, but we would cut it close. We got on the
train to Birmingham and headed off. Unfortunately, JonP and Muftak were in the
same place. Someone had invited them along. Still, you can't have everything,
and we remained undeterred. Muftak and Jon asked us if we knew what was going on
and who was talking. We told them we didn't know anything about it.

When we arrived with them in Birmingham it was obvious we couldn't lose them,
and that they'd find the location of the event. I'd been ringing people left
right and centre to see if they were definately coming along. Everything looked
good. Beltram told me Yoshi was psyched up and coming with the projector. I met
Re-Load and we headed up to the location to set up. After sorting some bits and
bobs out we waited for people to come along. Still no Yoshi.

After heading across the road to get some food, some of the guys went to Snow
Hill to pick up the people arriving at the station.

Bob the Fish was coming up with the Reverend Rat and a few people, but would be

I tried calling him but couldn't get through. Damn. People were turning up. We
couldn't hold things off much longer. It had to go ahead. We started with an
intro just explaining what was happening so that people weren't confused. Then
I spoke a bit about new laws being introduced. Not being a lawyer I doubt it was
good, but at least it was brief.

Re-Load kicked off with a fantastic talk about Nortel-CVX. Unfortunately chasing
after Yoshi stopped me from being there for it. Then I stepped on with a talk
about simple backdoor design (why it says rootkit on the page I'll never know)
that I'd formatted for less at 1024x768. Unfortunately no-one could see what was
happening, I had no handouts and I was trying to explain something that you're
either able to do or need things drawn up somewhere.

Gandalf then spoke about Stereograms and Battery Powered hubs. It was a good
talk, and PapaLazarus stole the show with a USB powered hub.

Beltram's talk was... well, blatantly criminal would be the best way to describe
it. Let's just say you'll never see that at DNSCon, and I don't want to offer
anything that could be used agains him so we'll leave it at that.

After that, Yoshi still hadn't turned up. It turns out his car had packed up
halfway there. Some people went to XL's, some people went to a room to get drunk
and some of us went to a curryhouse. The curry was good. One of the things that
came back to me was that people felt it was in some way an 'elite underground'
meeting. It wasn't. Some people have mentioned that it was invite only to stop
certain people from attending. This is partially true, but it's more to keep
tabs on who's present, to make sure that there's no trouble, and to ensure that
we don't overcrowd the room we had. Unfortunately, we overcrowded the room.
In all we had about 33 people in a room designed for 12. Despite the lack of
projector it all went pretty well. Don't be surprised if it happens again, and
don't be surprised if it happens somewhere else. Just don't be upset if you
aren't invited.

The other final thing that I found a little upsetting was the fact that although
we tried to keep it as free as possible (ie no budget) when Re-Load passed his
hat round to cover the costs (which would've amounted to about £2 from each
person BTW) we didn't take enough to cover it. Then to top it all when we were
told we couldn't let people crash on the floor people started complaining. Our
budget was limited. We'd been told we could let people crash, they changed their
mind at the last minute. Not our fault, but not our problem either.

That aside the whole night was a great success, and Re-Load and I have agreed
that we'll do another one some time next year. When, we don't know, but those that need to will find out when we do.


Alex DeLarge
Ps Thanks to all who put into the hat especially the person who gave me £10 .. Re-LoaD

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Here's a meeting report for you.

Birmingham, a concrete jungle where the smell of manufacturing industry
and curry mix in the air, perhaps there is an explanation for the brummy
accent in there somewhere..

The ticket inspector on the train was unimpressed with the extension
cable running down the train to the 13Amp socket for the cleaners.
He allowed us to use it but warned me that the rail operator was not
responsable for damage due to surges which can happen when the train
moves between pantograph lines fed from different places.
It seems pointless to explain that I was actually running my laptop
from three 6volt lead acid batterys. The batterys cost 24 quid total
and last 8 hours compared to a hundred quid for a replacement laptop
battery that last an hour.

We were a good hour late and this time it wasn't the trains fault.
Luckily I was able to contact a Brum2600 person who passed on the
message, I owe you a pint, whoever you are. Reload was puzzled by
the text message from someone he didn't know asking him to call
someone else he didn't know. Eventually someone rang me and I
pleaded our case for admission, thanks Alex.

I was expecting a party and was pleasantly surprised to find myself
at a security con. An invite only meeting of the 'leet, not sure how
I got in..

The attendance of 33 was on a par with this years DNScon but
thankfully without certain individuals.

Reload's talk provided further confirmation, as if any was necessary,
of the storys I'v heard about the state of security in large telephone

A certain site mentioned during Beltrams talk about insecure cgi's
shows no sign of defacement, so far..
The people presant are, I hope, more subtle than that.

Echelon neglected to bring their high gain 2.4GHz antenna. There must
be some 802.11b networks in Brum and the con location was suitably high

Some people went the XL's, a goth/rock club. Open until 4am but I think
they stop serving alcohol at 1 or 2.

I opted for curry, allways a good choice in Brum. The chicken curry with
vegitable balti was excellent. Topics of conversations included the COSAG
and Andrew Tridgel not appriciating offers of winNT source code.

Oh and if the guy with the trium wants the warez contact me with a working