Nov07 Meeting Report.

Phased, aie, savvy

Despite the poor attendance a quite technical ,meet took place. Conversations were about java and php. With some quite detailed discussion on timers and absolute accuracy. Ubuntoo took a hammering as being buggy, but the community spirit is good. Voice recognition and a proposal for a voice recognition report. We moved swiftly on to vista and office the dumbing down of vista and its users. Mac OS got a mention favorable as a result of a shell being readily available.

Aie and his problem!!!! Adduser -G dmx chris, this proceeded to wipe all the groups from my user end of sudo operation. Reboot to single user mode grrr.

Encrypted file systems are the future, only if you store your key on a portable device. Please note it is wise not to lose the key. Else do it well to protect oneself from RIP act

Moving on a discussion about channel 5 and the gadget show: comparison of the N95 and Apples I phone. Apples are crab - no great revelation there!!

A discussion of moving plasma tvs and and what vertices is important.

Googlemail has variable limits for email users dependent on time the account has been active.

Power supplies got a mention on how not to run a pc with 350w supplies when you require 700 this error has cost Maxtor 8 drives under warranty, who said they were crap.

Seagate rule well they do here at least what drives do google use. We then moved back to php, html and tag g namely firefox and its graph drawing facility it is in I.e 7 but would you trust it with your life?

Pdf and the .exe exploit got a mention nokia and sony erikson software had the usual discussion about orange nobling - india and Drf comparisons were made - Bogtopia still rules.

Late arrivals, naim, automaton, mrk

Quote what I don't remember I cannot give as evidence.

Fiesty and gusty and how itís broke the Nvidia drivers resultant in crashing the kernel, and how do you debug without it writing a log to disc ummmÖ..

Kernel mod loads fine.

Rpms are the most supported package manager, though deb converrsions are a plenty.
Gentoo got a mention as did the problems.

Aie and his natural gaydar - are most uni lecturerş gay ?

Where is lsl or better still who is lsl

Spam and the trend for order confirmation

Fishing for user ids at uni, easy peasy

Report compiled by Savvy on an O2 XDA live from the event