Nov03 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Nov 2003

Brum 2600 1st November 2003

In attendance.


Another small meet with a focus on drinking and having a chat rather that anything very hackerish. It was suggested that we all go war walking around the bull ring but the cold and rain put us off slightly.

It must be said an impressive display of handhelds was flashed around this month. After comparing price and features at snowhill we moved onto the pub to play with bluetooth. Various files where shared and notes compared on other wireless protocols.

This conversation drifted into drinking and been drunk, always an interesting subject we compared notes on been sick and finding our way home whilst in a state of intoxication.

Myself and Zipser talked about Mac OS? and Linux as well as the very shiny new G5's which are on both of our Christmas lists, whether either of us will get one remains to be seen. The others filled this time by talking about banking and fraud.
**Standard disclaimer applies. At no stage does Brum2600 carry out or condone illegal actions, we are simply a forum for free information exchange on a large number of subjects.**

Money and business related conversations filled a good chunk of the middle and end of the evening with much knowledge been shared.

Other small topics included social engineering, JANET, porn over wireless and W@P, and a possible change of meeting venue to somewhere warmer than snowhill.

The size of the meet meant really good quotes where few and far between but the choice ones of the night included.

"I'm watching a porn film and all I can look at is the missing pixel"

--Anon (yeah right!!)

"Hardcore goddess of anal sex"


"I like the coating but not the nut"


"Well just suck the nuts"


"You mean you just don't tell them!?.........Cool"


"I won't be coming tonight - just too damn ill. I wish i could be there. See you soon."

--Bambam via SMS

Thats all for now, hope to see a few more people at the next one. 2003 has been a good year for brum2600 lets finish it on a high.