May04 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 May 2004

Welcome to
Brum 2600 1st May 2004.

In attendance


NO SILVER MANAs usual 7pm saw us meeting at Snow Hill station, next to the silver man which had inexplicitly vanished. Undetered we loitered for a while just in case any one else made it. Chit chat included Zipsers plans for a Home Theater TV and how he intended to get the best case in the world and make it all run silently and not turn into a large heater. L-s-L and Zippy also discussed X10 ( kit as Ive just purchased some and was trying to justify its usefulness.

Our walk to the pub takes us through the finance district of the city so a little bit of a war walk was in order. Random bouncing signals got us momentarily exited but nothing useful was found. L-s-L and Nan0 enjoyed letching and then waving at the very nice young ladies who where enjoying a black tie event in a nearby club. Surprisingly they waved back.... before closing the curtains.

F00dOur usual pub the Hogshead was rather more crowded than we have come to expect, a party had booked our corner (funny because they told us we couldn't). Giving up we moved on, still war walking, to Pizza Hut on New Street. Thanks to our waitress who gave us free coke.

In between the 5 of us consuming nachos, a combo platter, three huge, really huge, pizzas and dessert we chatted about the following.....

Not again, lots about radio, quite a few people present are also radio buffs so there was much talk of “alpha tango foxtrot, come in big daddy, 10 4 little willy” and such.

Linux obviously. Debian and Redhat where mulled over and compared, many of us been more than a little pissed of with Redhat as they are charging a fortune for Enterprise editions while the unpaid developers of Fedora are doing quite a lot of the work that gets put into the payed for version. Of course some of us just go the windows route and steal a copy of Enterprise.....*joke*.

The recent (well not really but....) news about the TCP vulnerability provided a interesting topic, as did features and improvements in the 2.6.* kernel and getting TV cards to work with Linux.

Stuffed to the gills with Pizza we idled until the staff started to turn off lights then continued war walking in the Victoria square area. A few networks where identified at least one of which would probably warrant further investigation....That done we all departed into the night.

Choice quotes

“ You'll always find OAP's at a carvery if the foods good.”

“Dipsters for Zipsers”
Dipsters for Zipsers

“Desktop Sized....”
-----”Oohhh is he!”

“I want to recreate line porn”
-----An thus far unexplored advantage of PHP

“I did a few experiments in the dark room at school...... with a girl called Tracy”

Thats all folks