Mar03 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Mar 2003

We left Snow Hill for The Hogshead
Later joined by :


Meeting info page updated

Hydan: Program to hide messages inside executable files without changing the size or the functionality

Hydan [hI-dn]:

Old english, to hide or conceal.


Hydan steganographically conceals a message into an
application. It exploits redundancy in the i386 instruction
set by defining sets of functionally equivalent instructions.
It then encodes information in machine code by using the
appropriate instructions from each set.


- Application filesize remains unchanged
- Message is blowfish encrypted with a user-supplied
passphrase before being embedded
- Encoding rate: 1/150

Primary uses for Hydan:

- Covert Communication: embedding data into binaries
creates a covert channel that can be used to
exchange secret messages.

- Signing: a program's cryptographic signature can
be embedded into itself. The recipient of the
binary can then verify that it has not been
tampered with (virus or trojan), and is really
from who it claims to be from. This check can be
built into the OS for user transparency.

- Watermarking: a watermark can be embedded to
uniquely identify binaries for copyright purposes,
or as part of a DRM scheme. Note: this usage is not
recommended as Hydan implements fragile watermarks.

ATM: flaw in way PINs are checked by the ATM network. Flaw allows enhanced form of brute force attack to succede after only 24 attempts.

Cut Price WiFi at Internet Exchange £6 for 24 hours

At Hall Green station met a group of fans
Reload look a photo of one of them in agony.100-0056_IMG_b26k_.jpg 2.0K

Cyber Jacket with builtin Minidisc player. Controls on the sleeve.

Zipser dumped a load or old network cards on the table

After playing with SimCity 2000 on Zipser's IPAQ
BamBam: What about network infrastructure
Zipser: We need Sim Hacker 2000

Savvy:The Power of the Glove

Reload: Have you tried drawing phalic Shapes and seeing what letters you get?

Networks on Aircraft
How about running cat 5 from Business class to Economy?

We succesfully 0wned the TV with a universal remote100-0058_IMG_b26k_.jpg 2.4K100-0060_IMG_b26k_.jpg 1.9K

Reload explained the wonders of social engineering

The staff in the pub seemed under impression that antistatic bags containing old network cards were packets of crisps!

Reload: we don't do enough dope at these meets!

Much discussion of HAL

Home Time