Jul06 Meeting Report.
July 2006

In attendance:

Normal_Girl (Yes a girl!)
Some dude I forgot his name mail me (Blue_Something???)

Night started with me standing around in SnowHill station looking like no was coming then after at about 7:15 someone turned up! And asked “Is this the 2600?” strange considering I had my 2600 hat as a kind of beacon I guess, it seems to attract strange people. Then the rest turned up and err no one else...where was you all???
Moved onto the pub, I had to do this report again with no pen or paper, having to use my brain, something I don't do a lot anyway. Usual subjects discussed check the list :D

Subjects discussed :

Windows self replicating application.

Concrete island building (In reference to Binarys need to take over the world.)

Sinking Airport (Again in reference to Binarys need to become a dictator)

BlueTooth (Bit regular this one)

Yagis,parabolic dish from foil/card/sat. dish/umbrellas/woks/Pedigree Chum tin

Python, C, Assembly, Fortrun, JAVA, Perl, HTML

Why Windows don't know if a floppy's in the drive.

A C compiler written in C to compile it self?? (Self-compiling languages)
C was written in C?

TV License (THIS seems to piss people off a lot)

Encryption/Decryption using FCGPA's

Cable modem usage

Fried bats

Smart cards

TVs on a boat


Why a BBC Micro paint package was doable in 1 line of code (255 chars), yet a word processor today comes on 3 CDS????

Windows registry

Poundland for all your WiFi needs!!!!

Electric meters


DDoS using phones, also distributed computing using a phone?

Gorilla marketing

Premium phone lines

AT Command set

Sef-Learning electronics (Yes, people Skynet is closer than you think!)

Random Quotes :

"Keygens are getting better" replied to with "Yes they play music now"

"Work.......Werk....WOOORK.....Weeeeerk?????????" VERY confusing for a Brummy this.

"I just HEARD thats how a crack works."

"It don't matter if you have to pay or not, if you want it your going to take it."

"Packard Bells are shit"

"Woman are complex machines running some really buggy software"

"1Tb" followed by "What off a phone?"

This report made from 112% recycled pixels - Brum 2600 always going that extra mile.
– DrF see you next month ;)