Jan04 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Jan 2004

In attendance:

deanx (left early)

Notable absentees:

-q (working),
autom8on (are you dead mate?),
lsl (out whale killing),
zipser (was disappointed to be on a surprise cruise to somewhere nice as he wanted to win a radio competition this month, hard life, eh?),
al (where the hell are you?)


A super-small meeting, without any of the satirical characters who normally hang around. Subsequently we moved very quickly on to character assassination (can you kill something that's already dead) of lsl....

All of which took place in the hogshead, as usual.


Linux distros {
a clever combination of tricky legal and ethical debate and
handbags-at-the-ready bitchyness.

old bourne shell shell script {
bash$ .(){.|.&};.

format string vulnerabilities {
bambam brought a hardcopy of the format string vulnerability
exploitation paper by teso, version 1.2 - which he briefly
went through with deanx.

do_brk() Linux kernel vulnerability {
and how super-complicated the exploit needs to be.
compile the "given one" static to make it work.

expect {
and how not to make it fork bomb the host machine.

heap overflows {
exploitation is highly subjective to the data on the heap,
you may want to wait and not exploit the vulnerable function
on the first iteration, to give time for useful variables to
be placed on the heap.

defeating stackguard and stackshield {
a brief discussion of the contents of a paper published in phrack.

the Christmas lectures {
on tv this year weren't as good as other years.

NASA's plans to use TCP/IP {
rumored for uplink ? downlink to their extra-terrestrial
mmm..... what might one do with extra-planetary equipment?
All your satellites are belong to us.

sending Mexicans to test space parachutes {
NASA is rumored to be testing parachutes for crew members to eject
before trying to re-enter the earth's atmosphere, in case of an error
with the shuttle. Testing the materials is no doubt risky.
Instead of using robots, bambam suggested using Mexicans, to
celebrate the 10th anniversary of the North American Free Trade
Agreement (NAFTA) (that would be the agreement that has put
half the Mexican population below the official poverty line)
instead of robots to test the new materials.

After all, robots are expensive, Mexican workers are super-cheap.

pdas and wireless {
in a bid to out-do each other, everyone got their pdas out.
Well, savvy and reload did. bambam consoled himself that both
of the ones at the meet had mostly games and other crap on them.

Next time we should bring a ruler and just measure penile length.

bowling for columbine {
reload had never heard of it. 'Tis a very good film. Watch it.

auto-dox email pre-processor {
if you worked for an isp, and had access to customer records,
you could write an email pre-processor to append user details
on emails from email accounts at that isp, or originating in
that isp's ip ranges.

lsl and al {
reminiscing of old times.

lsl is a naughty boy {


# "I'd be in her" - Reload ... so you would.

"It'd stand on it's own, then you just need to melt a hole in it and put a hamster on the other side" - Reload
# ... hmm, dunno what the rspca would think. On second thoughts, no, I do know what the rspca would think.

bin2hex: "where are the birds?"
reload: "they all left."
bin2hex: "what happened to them?"
reload: "well, he normally shags them, then they leave."

"toss the hamster" - deanx
# ... he actually meant to say "pass the pda with the hamster game".

"I saw it upside down, but I know what it is." - deanx
# ... a joke to whomever can guess what reload's wallpaper was.

"Google don't mind re-writing history as long as you ask them" - bambam

"Straight down Hurst Street, and you know....keep going" - savvy

Star Quote:

Lsl making a record appearance, as the first non attendance to make the quotes page.

Lsl: "Hey! Hows it goin tonite? Would have come but gone out with ana instead. Write a report or ill bite you. LSL."
# ... well mate, apparently you might enjoy doing that a little too much! And what's this "I would have come out..."? That's like saying: "i did want to come out, but then i wanted to go out somwhere else more" thanks very much!
# ... or maybe you just got dragged down in a potential well - sucked into an emotional/gravitationl well and simply had to go with her. Either way, why not simply bring her along to the next meet?

The word according to Bambam........EOL