Jan03 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Jan 2003

The first Brum2600 meet of 2003 had an attendance of 100% over last months, thats a whole six people! Those who did brave the sub zero temperatures, the SnowHill drug dealers and the airborne bacteria from myself and Savvy where treated to quite a nice little meet.

In attendance where...

L-s-L (ME!)

Choice Quotes of the evening included....

* Star Quote *

# "Nothing comes between me and food" "How about an incredibly accurate stunt cock"

Others of the night include:

"Don't apologise you silly mare. I told you to sit on it!"

"You can tell their specials, its an old van with only one blue tit."
# --Anon on the police presence in the city.

"Could you use it to turn bambam down"
# --Anon on possible anti noise uses.

"Theres something about a boxing day turd"

"Thats not a quote"

Moving swiftly on having all met at Snow Hill we all crammed in a car and drove to the Darwin. One topic that started at the station and carried on through the night was the freenet project. www.thefreenetproject.org. This piece of software provides completely anonamous peer to peer file sharing among st other things. In this scary world, anonymity and the freedom to share ideas and data is becoming increasingly important and necessary. As such I enlightened the Brum crew to its benefits and provided all who wanted one a freenet Linux disk containing everything a potential freenet user would need.

Other topics covered in the pub included an interesting little snippet of information from one whom I imagine, wishes to remain nameless. If a school is categorised by OFSTEAD as a beacon school by default it may be assumed to have a wireless LAN on site as they provide the little darlings with lappys.

Having discussed this the conversation moved in a random direction to anti-noise, initially how it could be used to provide silencing for PC equipment by the conversation progressed to other possibly uses. Silencing Bambam and masking the sound of smashing glass where two of the more interesting.

In between various demands for drink, food and money we also had a quick look at smashing the stack and StackGuard for GCC, and proposals for OpenD. Note: Opendildonics.org is registered but not yet operational, a full site is on its way and should be up by end of Jan at the latest.

Various demands for food and a cash point became overwhelming at this point so once again we all clambered into a car, all 6 of us in a 5 person car. Avoided the heavy police presence on Birmingham's roads and ended up at Pizza Hut.

Basic social engineering and pizza were our priorities (not in that order) as we tried to convince the waitress that one refillable Pepsi and six glasses was the same as giving us 6 refillable Pepsi's. We eventually bargained with her to get 2 Pepsi's which we then shared. Several of our group pointing out how cheap we all looked. The remainder of the evening passed in a haze of pizza and shared fizzy drinks before we hauled our well fed selves into the night. The last act of the night was to release a helium balloon with our web address and a request that whoever found it mailed us to tell us how fair it got. It future meets I hope to get several balloons and attach warze/propaganda......

Right thats all from me. Hopefully see you all next month.



lsl@opendildonics.NOSPAM.NOSPAM.org (remove the obvious)

Meeting Report for Brum2600 (www.brum2600.net) on 4th January 2003 by bambam

#include <2600/meeting.h>
#include <2600/pub.h>
#include <2600/std_disclaimer.h>
#include <2600/missing/spank.h>
#include "sense_of_humour.h"

int main() {

struct brum2600 jan2003;
jan2003.size = 6;
strncpy(jan2003.member[0], "Reload", BUFFER_SIZE);
strncpy(jan2003.member[1], "Savvy", BURGER_SIZE);
strncpy(jan2003.member[2], "Zipser", BUFFER_SIZE);
strncpy(jan2003.member[3], "bambam", MUGGER_SIZE);
strncpy(jan2003.member[4], "lsl", BUGGER_SIZE);
strncpy(jan2003.member[5], "pink", BUFFER_SIZE);


arrive(jan2003,"Silver man");



pizza_hut((struct retards *)jan2003, PIZZA_HUT_ON_NEW_STREET);

release(pizza_hut_struct.balloon + message);

jan2003.finished = 1;



char disclaimer[] = {





Orinoco based wireless card "rf monitor mode" patches and thus scanning.
Many schools now have wireless networks with lame sysadmins (re-trained maths teachers).
Excel password crackers.
Anyone know of any non-commercial ones?

Immunix and stackguard

By a rough calculation, all the combinations of the random canary word
(http://www.immunix.org/StackGuard/mechanism.html) would take 1.36 years according
to Zipser. Clearly speed trials are necessary. This calculation assumes a 4 byte
canary word and a 10 millisecond turn over.

Anti-Noise, cars and crow-bars.

Reload wondered into the possibility of using anti-noise technology employed in
cars to reduce road noise, and hospitals in large equipment to make crow-bars silent.
We decided in the end that it would be much easier to just make less noise in the
first place.

New Years phone switches.

As predictable as death and taxes, phone switches everywhere went down over new years
- apparently mobile networks come back up faster than land-line networks as the
limiting factor in the former is the line speed, but the latter falls over due to
the machinery halting to self-protect and so needs a manual restart. Maybe December
31st, 2330 hours is the time to play with phone switches? :)

The freenet project.

Much discussion was excited by the topic of the freenet network (http://freenetproject.org).
It seems that this network operates on the assumption that if you have data on your
machine which is encrypted and you don't have access to, you are not legally responsible
for it. Unfortunately this is not so clear cut. However - as your client passes the
data on, if the data exists in the cache for only a certain amount of time then it
can be argued that this data is just like the data flowing through an ISP's IP routers,
and so it cannot be deemed "yours". (Except, of course, the powers that be are trying
to change this - maybe freenet relies on this change being technologically difficult
to implement).

The future of the internet.

Leading on from the last topic, what will the world be like if we let the corporations
totally run the internet? Already they can block research and tear down websites under
the DMCA, the MPAA (www.mpaa.org) and RIAA (http://www.riaa.org/) seem to be able to
do whatever they damn well please (the RIAA recently raided a US air force base
A law in our own fair land the export control bill threatened to wipe out free speech
as we know it.
A law in the US may have become a charter for the MPAA and RIAA to employ teams of
crackers to break into your computer on the off chance that you may have pirated music
on it.
The future of the internet seems bleak without the education of the masses.

SSH tunneling, other tunnels and traffic forwarding.

A discussion of hopping a firewall using ssh, possible portscanning, IPSec and traffic



Re-Load: Nobody wrote that down for a quote, and that's a quote in itself!;

Re-Load: It tastes like human flesh;

bambam: What were you doing in Norway;

Zipser: Getting cold;

anon: Nobody would want the internet without porn. I wouldn't;

bambam (to pink): don't apologise you silly mare, I told you to sit on me in the first
place, didn't I?;

lsl: There's something about boxing day turds..;
all: yuk! aww, you sick man.;
lsl: well, there is. It's like shitting bricks.;

Savvy: Don't tell the EEC [about data recycling], they'll make a law on it.;

Re-Load (to a confused bambam): Don't snort the parmesan.;