Feb07 Meeting Report.
Febuary 2007 - Beggers Belief

Those in attendance in body :

Mr Thew
Just Richard
Luther Blissett

General text to fill the other wise big hole in the middle of the report :

A quite productive meet which is odd. Met up at the usual time, usual place etc. few new people, went to
The Old Joint Stock it was rammed and could not find a place to sit or even stand so we left withing about 2mins, then onto
the Royal Oak just round the corner hanged around in there for a while, seems nicer than the Old Stock much more Yuppie I guess
I don't know... anyhow Sneaky_Russian & Zipster got some photos of the tables and chairs arranged into a exclamation mark, while
there people started messing about with PDAs and IR gadgetry in a vain attempt to P0wN a TV.... any way that was soon spolied by
some no talent lame ass band I can only presume from what I was told as I could not here anything over the god awfull music they
started playing in that place... strangly around the same time the band arrived.

We then moved onto the Hogs Head, yet more seating problems but the members of Brum2600 are resoucefull (most of the time)
and we managed that was quite a nice place very quiet, we may have a new permanent venue, ReLoad spoke with I think a lady
about something. Lots of talking this month about all kinds of crap. Not got much else to write really as this report is a
mere 20 days late being published.

Oh, there was 2 incidents late at the end of the meet involving beggers, the first who APPRANLTY was deaf, dumb
and could not write started showing members of Brum2600 a piece of card (in better English then mine!) listing his
plight in a attempt for change... later on he was seen talking to another begger and working a pay phone.... but more
interestingly was when ReLoad was facing away from this begger and said hold out your hand for some change the begger did
now unless you can lip read thru the back of a head I don't think this dude was genuine...

Begger 2 - a quite obnoxious little prick was asking people for change for 50p, when ReLoad correctly and most politly
pointed out the fact we was standing in front of a burger bar which by default is going to house quite a sum of change,
and told him to ask them we was meet with the reply "I don't want to ask them, I'm asking you" now anyone with some sense
would have asked the most likly person to have the dam change the buger vendors...

Subjects discussed :

The E.U.
Spanish woman & Russian ho's
RPC (Xbox360)
Phones, phones and more powns
Dr_Fs anniversary (actually bears no relavance to anything, ever.)
VNBC & Remote Desktop
DrF Missing from IRC (come on I can't be the ONLY person keeping that place going)
IR Remotes
Rigged Grabber Machines
IMAP & Google Mail
Winders User Accounts
Active Directory
Windows Update
Definitions of hats (Black, white, blue, gray and all that very n00bish bollocks)
Going rate on a 0-Day 5-10K GBP

Random Quotes :

"I'm sick of being bent" "That don't look comfortable"
"I don't particualy wanna go sniffing."
"I'm going to do the hoovering with ViSTA"
"Most of this I will absorb and it will come out later."
"I've noticed the way you look at cats and fish for that matter..."
"Heres your Root user!"
"Windows does it purely for profit"
"Has anyone ever thought about phoning ahead to get some space reserved?" "Yeah" "Yeah?" "Yeah you just"
"I don't sit on boys laps"

This report writting in Crimson Editor, quite nifty FREEWARE editor of all kinds of crap.
http://www.crimsoneditor.com/ does HTML, PHP, C, Perl, JAVA, worth a look...maybe?

DrF - See you next month.