Feb04 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Feb 2004

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Started off a small meeting with a few to join before we made our way on to the Hogshead for more to join later.anyone see the information kiosk Turned out to be a fairly full meet with (apparently once again) the whole corner of the Hogshead taken over by us. Two new members to my knowing this week me (aie93) and nan0byte whom I must say enjoyed the topics that arose and were welcomed very well.

Night started with some general convosation and the questioning of why zipster had a big metal step, still really none the wiser. Then a quick dash to the cars as we found it was raining on the departure of the station. On the entry to Re-LoaD's car (if you can call it a car) we were not at all suprised by the reaction of the BT engineer mentioned in another report... somwhere? It sparked off the love of the HAM radio once again. Much fun was had as Re-LoaD enlightened the group on BlueJacking as everyone with a bluetooth device quickly pulled it out to find that Re-LoaD's penis was discoverable, this obviously lead on to further discussion. As I remember Savvy made quite an interesting comment but I cannot remember what it was.

Nice to see the phone line is still here ! More serious convosations were next raised as we began to move onto the internet and talk about the secure administration of websites from a remote location and the tunnelling of secure connections between computers. This discussion obviously had to end up with a normally obscure discussion about IP over pidgeon (RFC 1149) if anyone is interested. The DoS virus MyDoom was also on the adgenda though I can't say that I was part of the convosation and therefore I have no idea what it was about appart from "the wonders or otherwise". Zipster your notes are highly detailed.

Also the topic of road signs to keep drivers awake such as "Blue cars leave at the next exit", not sure exactly how this would help, but I'm sure it made sense to the people in the convosation at the time. Next an interesting idea of charging a mobile from an electric fence. Having installed an electric fence i'm not sure how the tiny current passed from the battery could charge a phone but these guys PROBABLY know what they're talking about, then again... we did hear the stories that have to be told when ever electric fences are mentioned about someone peeing on the said fence.

in the pub Another more serious topic about the flaws in NetWare's authority came about, unfortunatly I think I tuned out of the convosation before a resolution was found or maybe they jus never said. The final note makes no sence to me what so ever but for those it does you can expand it in your mind yourself. Here it is "Dos WiFi with Magnatron out of a Microwave".0wn 7h4t R0u73r Put in lamens terms I may have understood it. Night ended by five of us piling off into Savvy's and Re-LoaD's cars to find a curry house. Everyone else left to go home I guess.

Finding a curry house at 11.30 does not seem to be such an easy task, the usual down the road was closed then travelling on to the police station we found no parking spaces, so instead we travelled on down to Sparkhill to finally find a welcoming curry house at which we stayed til about 1am discussing the finer points in life such as a nice hot curry and many random comments to be made. I hear this meal had it's beautiful reprecussions in the morning from Re-LoaD.

NB: Do not try to analyse my sentences, nan0byte tried and decided that none of them made any sence what so ever, which I'm not particularly supprised about.