Dec06 Meeting Report.
December 2006

Those in attendance in body :

Comrade Frankenmiga (AkA DrF)
Binary Sheep
Zipster Grand Cavalier of Lavatoria
RunData and Co.
2 other dudes did not catch there name.

Those in attendance in spirit form only :


Once again I was the first to appear,at 6:07 yes, yes 1hr early but I did get lost on the way out of my flat, it was dark! Which gave me time to stand around and stare at people, theres alot of people in a train station for some reason, also the grout work on the tiles is quiet pathetic in that station.

At around 6:53 Richard appeared told me something, went somewhere and then returned a little later... maybe he was upto something, Binary Sheep was next to appear he told me he had been in Waterstones, where they have books. Then the rest of the group appeared somet randomly as per usual with RunData being late but its acceptable since he smokes some kind of imported Brazilian plastics which no doubt affect his brain activity.

Not much space in the Old Stock, bit more busy than usual. There was a little 'Show & Tell' thing going on among the members with Savvy bringing some kind of telephone testing device (DSC5?) and it was big and yellow, ReLoad baught a 1200 baud accoustic coupler, Nano baught a magnetic card reader which fits into a 5.25" drive bay and I baught a nit comb and some Asda brand head lice repelent (they had a 2 for 1 special) You will all be pleased to know my infestation is finally coming under control now.

Around 10 something the group became divided and I think 10 of us ended up in that exotic indian restaurant where we all started getting down to something called Bangra, I won't be allowing that in the motherland! while 3 or 4 remained in the Old Stock to drink I presume, but you never do know with these people.

3 of us decided not to eat a curry and instead just hang around aimlessy, I chose not to eat a curry 'cause im broke and I cannot be seen to be accepting donations as that may be seen as a sign of weakness infront of the capitilist pigs and that won't do my carrear as a commie much good, i'd get bunged in a Gulag for that!

RunData had a piss on this weird porch thing raised above the street, people walked by at about 1ft below him, while he was draining the lizard and looking right at them, which was nice.

While wondering the streets the usual car park ticket machine shenanigans broke out, rather aimlessy.

Apprantly the Brum2600 IRC is pretty crappy and empty without me, apprantly people like to come and listen to what I have to say, which is kinda cool.

Subjects discussed :

Matter, Anti-Matter and why it really does not matter.
Wfi aerials
Super symmetry (Google says its spelt like that so there!)
Why we don't a phone which thinks its BlueGene.
Trousers (Nano has working trousers now)
Birmingham City Council and there bog ethics.
The rising cost of heating and how it affects the poor.
Disassembling things like M$ Solataire.
Binary is still planning a invasion of some island in the sea down the bottom by France somewhere.
Banana republics

Random Quotes :

"How much is a shell account" "20 for 6 months" "Reckon the social will pay?"

"If they don't take milk tokens I 'ent eating it!"
"Jeremy can multi-task!!!!!"
"Windows is mainly just source code"
"The teacher got the gimp out today"
"Yes, there would be mass gimping in the streets"

"Join me and we could have appricate a Mac day" the mere word MAC made Zipster actually pay
attention and he gave a look!

"IMacs are wussys Macs" From a Mac man?
"If you want to get by in this world you have to use Windows"

"You can have a bitch and not be gay, so if I was your man bitch you would not be gay" "I would be
bisexual?" "No because that would be only being into man love" "eh?"

"This week I mostly been eating rice" "It did not do the Chinese no harm" "Do I look like NVA?" "Are
you drunk?"

This report writtern in a room where the highest tempreture this week was 9C, but man you can get
some l33t overclocks!!!

Comrade Frankenmiga see you next month ;)