Dec05 Meeting Report.
----[ December 3rd 2005 meeting report

--[ Overview

Met at silver man, moved on to bar/pub on corner of colmore row. Bedded
in for the night in a relatively secluded corner of the pub. Chatted
coolness and got smashed. Excellent.

--[ In attendance
binary sheep
sneaky russian
mr. goatse
other (sorry... my memory of the night is hazy)
some drunk bird

--[ Conspicuous in their absence


--[ Stuff we chatted about

video iPods
hardware hacking in general

UPnP (thanks sneaky) - turns out you can configure some adsl routers to
open up random ports for you since they're listening for UPnP over the
Internet. VB code is known to exist to do it :-) Nice. Allows
portscanning in kind of the way ssh port forwarding does (slowly) and
for connections getting opened up through what would otherwise be a line
of defense! Info on the demo to those not already in the know.

The denial-of-service potential of a particular modern protocol and it's
suitibility for anonymous and massive DDoS certainly came up in

DTP (Dynamic Trunking Protocol) and the fact it should be switched off
surfacing in white-hat circles was discussed, along with ways to exploit

Shellcode and return-into-library exploitation.

Other Cisco mis-configurations.

Loads of other stuff that I've forgotten 'cos I wasn't taking notes.
Generally a really technical meeting; notwithstanding my not
rememebering most of it clearly enough.

--[ Quotes

"I have to admit I thought you were lame, VB coder and all.. but that's
- bambam

"Are these double tequilas?"
- bambam to binary sheep
"No idea, it's just what he [the bartender] gave me. Now.. What order do
you do these?"
- binary sheep to bambam
- bambam to binary sheep

"yeah, but they're just asking for it aren't they!"
- anonymous

"bend over little girl"
- anonymous

There were loads of others (even funnier than above - would you believe
it) but I didn't make a note at the time.