Aug06 Meeting Report.
August 2006

In attendance:

Debian Girl
Binary Sheep
Mike (Gentoo User)
Just Andy

my comments in italics - L-s-L

Once again I was the first to appear, this month I baught along my girlfriend, she wanted to see what a load of delinquent retrabates meet up for this sort of thing. Then Sneaky_Russian
well err sneaked up, he had a sorethort, so could not announce his presance properly, hence why I thought he was sneaking about, I also noticed he had a shave making him look less
rugged than usual, well id hit it way :p mental scaring image!

SnowHill station now has a Costa Coffe, no doubt horribly overpriced and it also draws in officers of West Midlands Police, like a moth to a flame. Then some new arrivals from Bristol appeared asking is this the 2600 why people ask this is still unknown to me (and why always ask me???) maybe we need like a giant Neon-Sign or something?

Binary Sheep appeared fashionably late. L-S-L did not show again, starting to worry about him now his got a woman, I am in the process of assembling a experditionary force to go in search of
L-S-L and liberate him from his captors, you can donate funds to this quest if you wish.
Im safe and sound and will be at the next one, promise!

Subjects discussed :

Why Macs have no eject button.
Parralell Desktops
Running Windows apps nativily on Mac OS without recompiling (Its coming or something)
Sodomy or buggery is there a difference?
Radio stuff
TV license AGAIN!
IP Over Bog Pipe
Unix on BBC Micro
Amiga OS and the AmigaOne
BackTrack & Auditor
What exactly is criminal intent?
Radar Jammers
Savvys big pole
Penile (Penertrative) Assualt
eBay (This came from me asking for a cigerette even though I don't smoke)
More useless networking jibberish, which serves no real purpose other than to flaunt your e-willy!
Windows 3.1
Memory technolagy and how it has evolved
SCO Unix
6502 CPU
World Domination
MoonBounce (EME)
HAM Radio
How to get root on a Windows box in under 2 minutes.

Random Quotes :

"I'm telling ya it was a Yetti!" followed by "Outside Tescos?" then "Yes, yes it was"

"Are you a genuine gay, because some people say there gay to look cool."

"I only have a bath when theres a meet" replyied with "So we need more meets?"

"So your in the vegatable section and you see a nice swede"

"Those squirrels were radioactive and they had a thing for Pringles."

"Your on a diet" followed by "Yeah, 3 hours ago!"

"I was abducted by a mini-van with 12 lesbians in it on the way to work" followed by "Was you late?"

"Are you on drugs?" followed by "No this is how he is"

"The Amiga is a beutiful machine" and that was from a woman!!!!! who is obvisouly the coolest woman on earth due to this 1 comment.

"They make you sign a form declaring your not a communist, I was like f*ck that."

"Woman are usefull"

"I am a capitolist."

"Never underestimate the bandwith of a van full of tapes"

"You paid for Windows???" followed by "Yes it was 1"

"I was going to ask them to surrender by email, before I invaded"

"What distro do you use?" "Windows XP" "Way to kill a conversation...."

"I went on a train"

"What does it do, how well does it do it?"

"If you was falling from a sky scraper and got caught on a nail would it save your life?"

This report writtern in Notepad on Windows 3.1 on a P2 p0wn&ge is not the word!
DrF see you next month ;)