Aug04 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Aug 2004

-::In Attendance::-

o Reload
o Savvy
o Zipser
o phased
o nanobyte
o aie
o bambam

An intimate little meeting with some good technical
discussion. Left the Hogshead pub early to go for a

Phrack 62
Bambam brought along a couple of articles from the
latest offering of the world's greatest magazine
edition 62 for the others to read - everyong had
been too busy to have got round to it yet.

Windows buffer overflow detection evasion:
Discussion of the phrack article of the same name,
a summary was given for those who hadn't read it

Data Contraception:
Discussion of the ideas and best implementation of
grugq's article "Fist, fist, fist, it's all in the

Parking Meter Ident extraction:
Using small magnetic fields in the right place.

Making your fingers smoke:
hmmmm.... if you like that sort of thing :)

DNS servers:
hmmm... none of the internet servers seems to comply
with the RFC. But then, if IP stacks all complied
with the original RFCs then they'd all be
rediculously stupid. Still - there appears to be
an extra 14 bytes missing somewhere. Although I'm
sure that writing your own DNS server is somewhat
overkill. Unless you're gonna do for BIND what
postfix did for sendmail.

The Very Secure Ftp Daemon: Don't know quite how
secure the code is, but certainly it has all the
features one might want: simple config with chroot

Hiding data under ext(2|3):
Some techniques a member found for hiding whole files
have now been fully written up in C using extlib. Also
it seems that there is an extra 4 bytes unused under
each inode. Could be handy for encrypted steganographic

Hacking Extreme 2005: We'll be there just like in 2001
hacking, drinking, smoking and straight west coasting.
Can't wait.

Business Cards:
Were exchanged.

Reload's first hack was:
Key capture on CPM.

Mobile Phones:
bambam again evangelised about not buying a samsung,
and pined after a new nokia - video messaging,
bluetooth, infrared, mp3 player, radio, camera, mmc
slot, OPL development, putty will run on the 60 series
natively, java vm. mmmm.... :)

Amateur Radio:
some of the hams were trying to get the others into
radio with lots of success.

talk of some of the cool new ones out.
No quotes were written down.

-::Sign off::-
See you all next time!.....