Apr04 Meeting Report.
Brum2600 Apr 2004

April 3rd 2004

L-s-L Returns.

In attendance

L-s-L (I'm back!)
AIE ---Like L-s-L no one is quite sure what it stands for. Reloads version was my favourite.

Idle chit chat between the top 5 on the list above filled the first half an hour by the silver man. Topics ranged from respraying the aforementioned statue to the girl who really wasn't wearing the skirt. The waiting around was largely due to the non appearance of Nan0 and AIE who were attempting, and failing to navigate round Brums one way system.

Giving up on them we moved on the Hogshead in order to start drinking. A level of fun was had on the way as zippy explained how to fuck with parking meters and gave a rather cool demo.

RSA id tags and beer (not in that order) where next up. Also by now we had learnt that Nan0 and AIE had lost the plot and were somewhere near Birmingham airport and going in the wrong direction. Once seated the toys came out as Zipser attempted to locate re-loads penis....on bluetooth and wifi. Digital TV and Sky where mulled over in between playing with wifi (see I resisted the urge to say playing with Re-Loads penis!)

Savvys directional skills guided the lost two back into the city centre and finally to the pub. Zippy, Phased and AIE poured over some C code as L-s-L, Savvy and Reload looked bemused... some more so than others.

The night ended early for me as the others decided to depart to eat curry. As someone who believes that Indian restaurants are a conspiracy to ensure I spend Sunday morning with my head in a porcelain (whatever i eat) I departed.

Choice quotes of the evening included.

"Can you see his penis?"

"make sure you say 'his' not reloads"

"Ive got a good hack for that.....Its called Knoppix"

"I cant imagine Re-load as a cute 13 yr old." --No one can!

"Did she pay In-Cum tax" --anon on the student who sold her virginity for £8000

Thats all folks.



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